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Ellen surprises fan from LI with trip to L.A. for taping

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Ellen DeGeneres surprises Barbara Adler from Roslyn via Skype with the help of her Executive Producer Andy Lassner on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, March 15. Barbara, a huge Ellen fan who has a crush on Andy, never misses a show and dreams of coming to a taping. Ellen made Barbara's dreams come true and reveals that she will be among an entire audience of New Yorkers who will fly to L.A. to see a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" live. (Credit: The Ellen Show)

Roslyn Harbor’s Barbara Adler, who says she has unsuccessfully entered every contest “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has ever held, has finally won big. Not only will she be part of a New York audience being flown out to Los Angeles for an upcoming taping of the talk show, but she also appeared via Skype on Wednesday’s show, which was taped earlier.

“Barb thinks that she’s gonna be Skyping with a producer, that she’s possibly up to win this trip, right?” DeGeneres, 59, told her audience. But unknown to Adler, a mother of three boys, she would be speaking with her celebrity crush, “Ellen” executive producer Andy Lassner.

Lassner, sitting behind a laptop on an office-style set onstage, put through the Skype call. “Hey,” Adler answered casually — and then, realizing who was calling her, screamed, “OHMIGOD!!” Wearing an “Ellen DeGeneres Show”-branded sweatshirt reading Be Kind to One Another, Adler kept repeating “Ohmigod!” in shock and wiping away tears. “I’m a little distracted that it’s YOU!” she finally says.

When Lassner asks what are her favorite parts of the show, Adler, who is in her mid-50s, replies, “I love everything. Obviously. There’s not a thing I don’t love. But if I had to pick one thing that I love the most — ’cause I’ve been following Ellen since she was a stand-up comic, I’m old, so I’ve known her a long time — I love her monologue, because it’s the best for me. It’s the time in the show where she’s actually sort of talking to me. She’s making eye contact, she’s saying something from her heart, sometimes it’s funny and silly and sometimes it’s really serious. But I [also] love her interviews and I love it when she tortures you,” Adler says, referring to stunts such as Lassner wrestling a sumo.

“Although I don’t laugh at you,” Adler assures him. “Maybe just a little.”

Adler is no stranger to the spotlight: She appeared on WNBC/4’s home-makeover show “OpenHouse NYC” in April 2010, and is captain and press-marketing person for the more than decade-old dance troupe Momz-n-Da-Hood, billed as “America’s first and only group of hip-hop/breakdance moms in their 50s.”


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