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Emmy nominations snubs include 'Scandal,' 'Orphan Black'

Tatiana Maslany stars on BBC America's series "Orphan

Tatiana Maslany stars on BBC America's series "Orphan Black." Credit: MCT

Meanwhile, the Emmy snubs! That redoubtable list of worthies who were passed over for the 66th annual prime-time Emmys for reasons known only to that mysterious and no-always-predictable soul known as the "Emmy voter."

Obviously "The Blacklist" and "Scandal" fans were bitterly disappointed Thursday morning, but big commercial dramas have simply become passe with Emmy voters -- or at least until such time as "Breaking Bad" and"Mad Men" are no longer eligible.

In addition, "Parks and Recreation" was largely passed over, save for Amy Poehler.

You will see some commentary reflecting on the fact that poor Jay Leno couldn't even nudge the voter needle for his last season. But David Letterman didn't either. In fact, Leno's "Tonight" never -- or hardly ever -- got a nod for best variety show; why should voters get sentimental now?

Certainly, "Orphan Black" was expected to do something Thursday morning; it did nothing. Tatiana Maslany must wait for the inevitable day when she is justly recognized. And did I mention Elisabeth Moss yet?

Also shut out -- "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." The Golden Globes of course loved "BNN" to distraction, but Emmy voters do tend to be contrarian when it comes to the Globe comedy nominations choices. In any event, as good as "BNN" was, its coronation at the Globes was a bit eccentric, given the other nominees.

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