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Emmys 2013 best drama, best comedy predictions

Johnny Galecki, left, and Kaley Cuoco star in

Johnny Galecki, left, and Kaley Cuoco star in the CBS hit, "The Big Bang Theory." Credit: AP

We have arrived, friends, at the final Emmys 2013 pick/guesses -- the last entry in my weeklong series telling you who should win (but alas probably won't).

Good thing about this year's nominees? Not a piker in the bunch. They are all outstanding, and so if any of the following wins, no one should be surprised. With that, to our nominees ...

COMEDY SERIES: "The Big Bang Theory," CBS; "Girls," HBO; "Louie," FX; "Modern Family," ABC; "30 Rock," NBC; "Veep," HBO

Who will win: The past six years have been dominated by just two comedies, but even dominance eventually cracks, and for "Modern Family," this could well be that year. The winner is "The Big Bang Theory."

Who should win: "Louie," without question. But dark comedies -- and "Louie" is hardly always comic -- don't fare well here. Couple of "Girls" episodes merit a win, too, but like, "Louie" -- also produced in NYC, where there are fewer Academy voters -- this is a tough sale.

DRAMA SERIES: "Breaking Bad," AMC; "Downton Abbey," PBS; "Homeland," Showtime; "Game of Thrones," HBO; "House of Cards," Netflix; "Mad Men," AMC.

Who will win: "Homeland" had a so-so sophomore season, but voters hate to disawow their judgment, especially after crowning this with such gusto after its freshman season. Could be guilt over snubbing "Bad" for so long, but I fully believe it will prevail at the 66th Emmys, if not Sunday night. That's why the edge goes to ... "Homeland."

Who should win: "Game of Thrones." "Thrones" had a remarkable season (another one), but fantasy fiction is a tough sell to voters. I wouldn't mind seeing that long-overdue nod to "Bad," either -- and what a nice achievement to be awarded on the night your penultimate episode airs.  

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