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Good Morning

Emmys: Liking Courteney Cox, Sagal, O'Neill?

Courtney Cox on "Cougar Town." (Undated)

Courtney Cox on "Cougar Town." (Undated) Credit: Getty Images


Tomorrow morning, the Emmys.

At about 8:35 LI time, the 2010 62nd annual Emmy nominations will be announced.

And below, my choices.

Some basics before we proceed:

The Emmy voter is a creature of deep and unimpeachable habit. He or she is not prone to reversing themselves either, which is why you see repeats year after year. Voters are
traditionalists. They appreciate excellence but usually just certain TYPES of excellence. They don't much care for sci-fi or vampires. “Treme” would seem to be an easy nominee, but so was David Simon’s “The Wire.”


On to my hunches for the 62nd annual Emmys, to be announced early Thursday:

 Best actor/comedy:

 - Matthew Morrison, "Glee." Dances, sings AND acts – and very well, too.

 - Ed O'Neill, "Modern Family." Only question may be whether he's “best supporting,” or
scores full actor nod.

 - Ty Burrell, "Modern Family." Maybe same issue. (Why not best actor nods then for Jesse Tyler Ferguson, or Eric Stonestreet? Or best supporting?)

- Alec Baldwin, "30 Rock." Had (arguably) an even better season in ‘09-’10 than his winning ones.

- Steve Carell, "The Office." The Academy loves him, but not enough to give this year's

- Jim Parsons, "The Big Bang Theory." A deserved repeat.

 Best actress/comedy:

 - Jane Lynch, "Glee." Inconceivable she won't be on the list, clear front-runner to win.

- Edie Falco, "Nurse Jackie." A strong bid to win, too.

- Toni Collette, "United States of Tara."
Last year's winner.

- Sofia Vergara, "Modern Family." It's the year of the "Family," and Vergara was terrific.

 - Courteney Cox, "Cougar Town." Though Patricia Keaton ("The Middle") could sneak in.

- Lea Michele, "Glee." Had a Golden Globe nod. Why not here?

Best actor/drama:

 - Hugh Laurie, "House." The sun rises, also sets. As long as Laurie is on "House," he will get the nod.

- Jon Hamm, "Mad Man."  Strongest season so far, and one episode in particular -- he reveals his past to Betty -- could help him win outright.

- Bryan Cranston, "Breaking Bad." A great season. A shock if he's not here again.

- Michael C. Hall, "Dexter." Are you seeing a pattern in this category?

- Ray Romano, "Men of a Certain Age." Emmy likes his occasional surprise and this could be it -- particularly if "MOCA" does not get a best drama nod, and doubtful that it will.

- Stephen Moyer, "True Blood." Crazy long shot but fun idea, no?

 Best actress/drama:

 - Glenn Close, "Damages." Voters may be getting a little tired of Patty Hewes, but unlikely.

- Julianna Margulies, "The Good Wife." An easy call.

- Lauren Graham, "Parenthood." If NBC pushed out the tapes, a real possibility.

 - Mariska Hargitay, "L&O:SVU." Emmy loves her.

 - Kyra Sedgewick, "The Closer." And her.

- Katey Sagal, "Sons of Anarchy." Don't be too shocked.


-  "Glee:" Incredible first season.

- "Modern Family:" Beloved by viewers, voters.

- "30 Rock:" Because it was here last year.

 - "Nurse Jackie:" If not this, then "Weeds."

-  "Entourage:" A solid base of support.

- "The Office:" Lately a bridesmaid.


- "Breaking Bad:" Best drama, period.

- "Mad Men:" Front-runner.

- "The Good Wife," a newcomer breaks into the top.

- "Lost:" A classic leaves, and homage must be paid.

- "True Blood:" There are exceptions to rules, and this could be one of 'em.  “Treme”  could sneak in, too.

- "Dexter:" Or "House."



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