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Good Morning

Entourage 7/2: Best printable line

Episode 2 has us leaning toward believing Vince has postconcussion syndrome from the car accident in the season 7 premiere. We're not buying the buzzed-on-pain-meds storyline.

Among the "weird" things Vince did was cut his hair by himself. At the press junket for his new "Ferrari" movie, publicist Shauna (Debi Mazar) comes up from behind Vince and delivers this week's best printable line.

"Jesus, Vince, I thought you were Samantha Ronson from behind."

Strong work on numerous levels. And writer props for no one dropping any Lindsay Lohan retorts.

Best Printable Line Standings

Ari Gold 1
Shauna 1
Johnny Drama 0
Turtle 0
E 0
Vince 0


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