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Entourage 8/1: The Ari Gold Mine

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold in a scene

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold in a scene from Season 8, Episode 1 of HBO's "Entourage." This is the show's last season. Credit: HBO

The Ari Gold MIine began in Season 5 as an additional way to recap each episode of "Entourage." With the eighth and final season, we'll keep it going, and based on the coverage leading into Sunday night's premiere, we'll have a lot to choose from each week.

Episode 1's AGM could easily have come during one of his amusing rants, but that's what the BPL is for. Rather, the best scene involving Ari Gold came in the final shot. As Vince and the boys watch their house burn down, Ari begins crying and turns around to look in another direction. Clearly, he's affected emotionally by his separation from Mrs. Ari and learning that she's seeing someone else.

Ari Gold is at his best when ranting and raving at people, but that's what YouTube and Monday morning conversations are for. His emotional moments deliver more of an impact on Sunday nights.


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