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Entourage finale: Best printable line

Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase in the series

Adrian Grenier as Vincent Chase in the series finale of HBO's "Entourage." Credit: HBO

Some things go according to plan in series finales. Some go in other directions. And some themes come full circle.

But Vincent Chase pulling off the best printable line in the finale of a series that was about him but not really, now that's a bit of surprise.

Vince and BIlly Walsh were in a jewelry store shopping for an engagement ring for his new lady, Sophia Lear, aka the Vanity Fair journalist who rocked Vince's world after one 24-hour date.

Vince and Billy were doing what guys do, which is talk about a mutual friend in a bind and crack the occasional joke. Hey, if friends can't rip on each other, then they shouldn't be friends, right? Right.

The two were talking about Vince maybe moving back to New York to be near E, who was planning on moving to New York to be near Sloan, who is planning on moving to New York with her unborn child. Walsh suggests it could be like "Three Men and a Little Lady."

Vince responds with "If E has a boy, it'll be like 'Three Men and Two Little Men."

Wow. Strong work. And the move soldified Johnny Drama for yet another Big Knish title for most BPLs in one season.

Season 8 Big Knish Standings

Johnny Drama 3
Eric Murphy 2
Ari Gold 1
Billy Walsh 1
Vincent Chase 1


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