Rejoice, my dear Entouragers!

HBO announced Monday that it has re-upped "Entourage" for a sixth season. You know what this means: I've still got a job for at least 12 more weeks next summer.

Production is scheduled to begin in early 2009, according to several reports, and the new season should start airing that summer. Thank the good lord for that: summer "Entourage" is good "Entourage."

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The announcement is interesting in its timing. Based on a bunch of your comments, a bunch of e-mails, IM conversations and other Internet blogs (seriously, though, mine is the best, right?), this past week's episode appears to be the most divisive. Many of you hated it. Many of you liked it. I'm somewhat on the fence still (I know, right: Way to take a stand, La Monica!).

Next week is the midway point of the season, an all-star break of sorts. We'll post a poll question after the show asking you to rate the season thus far. (Sure we could do it now, but the sixth show could seriously alter your opinion on the poll, and I don't want know no hanging chads or early exit poll results.)