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LI's 'Entourage' alums bring their podcast to The Paramount

"Victory The Podcast" featuring "Entourage" actors KevinDillon (l)

"Victory The Podcast" featuring "Entourage" actors KevinDillon (l) and Kevin Connolly (r) with show creator/writer/executive producer Doug Ellin comes to The Paramount in Huntington on Nov. 20. Credit: Natalie Mark

The expression "what’s old is new again" comes to mind with HBO’s "Entourage." The show, which ended after eight seasons in 2011, is currently streaming on HBO Max and getting a new life through "Victory The Podcast." Here actors Kevin Connolly (Eric Murphy) and Kevin Dillon (Johnny Drama) join show creator/writer/executive producer Doug Ellin for a weekly audio program where the trio discuss episodes and interview former cast members. Long Island natives Connolly and Ellin will return home when they bring a live stage show of the podcast to The Paramount in Huntington on Nov. 20, along with Dillon.

"People like inside baseball so we will tell some cool stories of the stuff that happened behind-the-scenes," says Connolly, 47, who grew up in Patchogue. "It will be an interactive inclusive experience where people can ask questions. After the show we are going to just hang out at the bar."

Ellin, 53, a Merrick native, adds, "We’ll talk about how we came together and things that happened on the set with various celebrities, plus use a bunch of multimedia, too."


The podcast began when Connolly started a new company called Action Park Media, which develops a variety of entertainment podcasts. He said he felt doing a show revisiting "Entourage" with his former colleagues would make for good content.

"When enough time passes, everybody has a different understanding of what happened," says Connolly. "We cover the episodes but there’s so much going on in everyone’s life that it becomes part of the show."

What makes the podcast flow is the real-life friendship among the three hosts.

"From the minute we met, it was like we knew each other our whole lives," says Ellin. "When I was casting the show, I wanted to find the guys I was friends with in high school. It was always a close-knit group, which mirrors how my childhood on Long Island was."

"Entourage" was focused on the rise of movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) from Queens and his three buddies, Eric Murphy, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and half-brother Johnny Drama, who venture to the west coast with him as his career takes off in Hollywood.

"It’s a show about friendship and outsiders coming into this world they really don’t fit into," says Ellin. "So much came from our own personalities. Taking New Yorkers and putting them in this weird world was really us."


In the past decade "Entourage" has been criticized for being misogynistic and glamorizing toxic celebrity culture. However, Ellin views it differently.

"When I hear the things that get written about ‘Entourage’ over the years and I watch it now then compare it to some of the other shows, I don’t know what people are talking about," he says. "Yes, there’s some vulgar dialogue and terms I wouldn’t use today but we’ve evolved from the things we all said growing up because they are no longer appropriate. But, ‘The O.C.’ was more sexualized than ‘Entourage’ ever was and that was about high school."

Rewatching the show for the podcast has proven to be an interesting exercise for Connolly.

"It’s funny because since it’s been 10 years you tend to forget what happens in the plot," he says. "We are kind of reliving it all together again. You are able to step out of it and look at the show as an outsider for the first time."

Ellin came away with a realization after his rewatching experience.

"Now I see it and think, 'This is tame!' " he says. "This wasn’t some show about a bunch of animals running around Hollywood. These are nice guys who are looking out for each other."

The show was in the middle of the pop culture zeitgeist in the mid-2000s where expressions like "Hug It Out" and "Victory!" made their way into the public lexicon.

"The Tampa Bay Rays play Johnny Drama screaming ‘Victory!’ on their Jumbotron after every win," says Ellin. "President Obama said it was his favorite show and that he’d change White House meetings just so he could watch it."


One subject that is constantly brought up on the podcast is the possibility of a reboot. Since "Sex and the City" and "Dexter" are getting restarted, could "Entourage" be next?

"I think ‘Entourage’ would be more interesting now," says Connolly. "Watching these guys navigate the new PC world gives the show a new hook. So much has changed. How do those guys do it? That’s the new angle."

Ellin adds, "At the beginning of the podcast I said, ‘There’s no way I’d ever do this again.’ But I’ve had such a good time with them, I would. I think 100% at some point they [HBO] are going to want to do it. Whether it actually happens, who knows? But it’s definitely not on my priority list."

However, Ellin is more focused on coming back home to perform.

"I have 40 people that I have known since elementary school who are going to come to the Paramount," he says. "Needless to say, I’m nervous."


WHEN/WHERE 8 p.m., Nov. 20, The Paramount, 370 New York Avenue in Huntington

INFO 631-673-7300,

ADMISSION $39.50-$200

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