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Eshaghoff to '60 Minutes': I was 'saving lives'

Sam Eshaghoff, one of the kids accused in the SAT test-taking scandal, talks to "60 Minutes" this Sunday, and we have a bit more from the transcript. As follows:

Sam Eshaghoff: I mean my track record speaks for itself. Like if you know somebody's so stellar at doing something so flawlessly, without one exception it goes without saying that's a reliable service.

Alison Stewart: Were you invested at all in the score you would get?

Sam Eshaghoff: Oh yeah, absolutely. Just like any other business person, you wanna have a good track record, right? And essentially like my whole clientele were based on word of mouth and like a referral system. So as soon as like as soon as I saved one kid's life,

Alison Stewart: Saving his life?

Sam Eshaghoff: Saving his life

Alison Stewart: What do you mean by saving his life?

Sam Eshaghoff: I mean a kid who has a horrible grade point average, who no matter how much he studies is gonna totally bomb this test, by giving him an amazing score I totally give him this like a new lease on life. He's gonna go to a totally new college, he's gonna be bound for a totally new career, and a totally new path in life.

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