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EW: "Lost" has top finale moments



 Before I get to last night's "Glee" finale...loved "Entertainment Weekly's"  best finale moments survey that was just posted yesterday. Sixteen top finale moments or finale images or finale emotions or finale flops selected by readers.

  Here's the list. See if you agree.

  "Lost" made out very well.

  "Bones" - after promising to really do better than that dream business in the '09 finale - did not.

Best Overall Ending to an Otherwise Crappy Season

Grey's Anatomy

2. House
3. 24
4. Gossip Girl
5. The Office

Best Death

Jack, Lost

''All the way, has to be Jack. The ending scene with him and Vincent brings tears to my eyes just writing it.

Nothing can top that.'' —Gwen

Voters agreed. Jack won by 471 votes, the largest margin of any category.
2. John, The Vampire Diaries
3. Charles, Grey's Anatomy
4. TIE: Smokey/Flocke, Lost; Reed, Grey's Anatomy

Most Welcome Exit for an Unloved Character

Reed, Grey's Anatomy

Another landslide, this time by 112 votes.
2. Charles, Grey's Anatomy
3. Shaw, Chuck
4. Zoe, Lost
5. Jenny Humphrey, Gossip Girl

Worst Overall Ending to an Otherwise Solid Season


''I liked the season, but everyone was saying the finale would be as epic as the 100th episode, and it SO wasn't.''


2. The Office
3. Private Practice
4. Lost
5. Tie: Survivor and Community

Best Romantic Cliff-hanger

Jeff and Annie/Britta/Slater, Community

The closest race of any category, the Community square beat the Good Wife triangle by just two votes.

2. Alicia and Will/Peter, The Good Wife
3. Booth and Brennan separate for a year, Bones
4. House and Cuddy, House
5. Will Holly return?, The Office

Best NonRomantic Cliff-hanger

Olivia being left in the alternate universe, Fringe

2. Katherine's return, The Vampire Diaries
3. Chuck's mom is alive, Chuck
4. The Reynosa cartel isn't done with Gibbs, NCIS
5. TIE: Red sky on V; Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters

Best Kiss

Jack and Kate, Lost

Though the Sawyer-and-Juliet delegation was passionate, Jack and Kate took the title by 78 votes.

2. Sawyer and Juliet, Lost
3. House and Cuddy, House
4. ''Elena'' and Damon, The Vampire Diaries
5. Peter and Olivia, Fringe

Best Fight

Jack and Flocke, Lost

The second-largest margin of victory, by 257 votes.

2. Olivia and Fauxlivia, Fringe
3. Chuck and Shaw, Chuck
4. Clark and Zod, Smallville
5. Lucifer/Sam and Dean, Supernatural

Top Tissue Moment

Jack's death, with Vincent lying beside him

The dog put Jack's passing over the top — by 12 votes.
2. The entire finale, Lost
3. Charlie and Claire's reunion, Lost
4. Jack and friends ''move on,'' Lost
5. Sawyer and Juliet's reunion, Lost

Single Most Clever Twist

The Sideways world is purgatory, the Island is real, Lost

''After being relentlessly told the Island wasn't purgatory, the Sideways world is purgatory. Damn you, Darlton.''


Not everyone appreciated the fake-out, as you'll see in the next slide...
2. Katherine/Elena switch, The Vampire Diaries
3. Alternate Olivia is taken to our universe, Fringe
4. Chuck's mother is alive, Chuck
5. Hurley and Ben become No. 1 and No. 2 guardians of the Island, Lost

Single Weakest Twist

TIE: One-year sabbatical, Bones; Robert's death in the Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters

One had too little buildup; one had too much (we knew Rob Lowe was leaving the show for months). The latter is also

what landed Fringe's ''best nonromantic cliff-hanger'' on both the best- and worst-twist lists: ''Awesome for

upcoming story lines, but I saw it coming.'' —Kyle

3. Olivia trapped in the alternate universe, Fringe
4. Sideways world is purgatory, Lost
5. ''Any of them,'' Desperate Housewives

Funniest Half Hour

Modern Family

For the record, ''Mitchell vs. the pigeon'' received seven votes for Best Fight.
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Community
4. 30 Rock
5. Cougar Town

Spookiest Image

Olivia in the dark cell at the end, Fringe

2. Bailey pulled out from under the hospital bed, Grey's Anatomy
3. (Possession-free?) Sam watching Dean at the end, Supernatural
4. Katherine chopping off John's fingers, The Vampire Diaries
5. Tim Curry, Criminal Minds

Most Rewound Moment

Last 10-15 minutes of Lost

2. Entire Lost finale
3. ''Elena'' and Damon's kiss, The Vampire Diaries
4. Jack's death, Lost
5. Entire Grey's Anatomy finale

Biggest Regret That I Didn't See the Finale, I Just Read About It

Grey's Anatomy

Good news: Watch the two-hour event on Hulu.

2. Lost
3. Fringe
4. 24
5. House



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