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Ex-beauty queen, ex-couple make for wacky 'American Idol' from Nashville

This group is sticking together as they wait

This group is sticking together as they wait for their chance to audition for "American Idol" in Nashville. Credit: Fox

"American Idol" went to Nashville and found unbelievable talent from the likes of Adrienne Beasley, Matt Dillard, Lauren Alaina and, of course, ex-couple Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin.

To the point Steven Tyler even mused they might have found all the winners in one city.

Here's how I ranked everyone. Put in your thoughts in the comments, below:

1) Farm girl Adrienne Beasley, adopted by white parents, had an amazingly great singing voice and blew everyone away with a performance where, as Tyler said, "nothing was put on." I see her in the finals -- she's determined, strong and blessed.

2) Country boy Matt Dillard, whose family has had 700 foster kids through the years, may be the most likable contestant this year. Lots of not-trying-too-hard charm, and a dulcet-toned voice.

3) Ex-couple Chelsee Oaks and Rob Bolin need to get back together so they can keep making sweet music. One of the most astonishing auditions ever; they were great together, despite the wacky soap opera. 

4) Lauren Alaina was dubbed the best in Nashville, which probably makes her the best overall based on how great the contestants here were. I loved that she brought her family in to meet everyone, and her duet with Tyler showed she's totally in command when singing.

5) Jackie Wilson had the judges applauding and tossing around words like "wow" and "unbelievable," making me totally look forward to hearing more from Hollywood. Not much sense of who she is yet, but I definitely liked her vibe.

6) Ex-Miss Teen USA Stormi Henley has the total package to star on 'Idol,' except for one thing -- a voice. Jennifer Lopez may have been like, "seriously?!" but hey, why not -- makes for enjoyable viewing.

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