Matt Lawerence closes out "American Idol" in Orlando, robbed a bank with a BB gun when he was 15 and was jailed for a few years.

He seems to have learned from it, says "it hurt my family so much. I'd never seen my dad cry.... I auditioned for 'American Idol' because I wanna make my family proud."

Wow; how can you not root for someone like that?! Sings "Trouble," has a nice world-weary feel to his voice, a great song pick. Very genuine feel, seems to know who he is and what his style is which always is key to success on 'Idol.' 

"Brilliant" says Simon, "you can really, really sing. It almost feels like you could've written that song," says he's impressed. Kara is on board too, Randy too, time to vote and yeah, he sails through. Kara boldy says: "He's gonna go top 12."

31 made it out of Orlando, here are my faves: 

1) Seth Rollins, who's singing to help provide for his autistic son had a very matter-of-fact, gentle manner and made me -- and Simon -- smile with his velvety "Someone to Watch Over Me." As Kara said, we "wanna keep hearing you."

2) Jermaine Purifoy, who Randy called the best so far this season, had me wanting more too with his timeless rendition of "Smile." Can't get much higher praise than Kristin Chenoweth saying you've got a "pure voice."

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3) Matt Lawrence has a great story and fire in his belly -- combine that with a good voice and the guy's gonna go far.

4) Bernadette and Amanda Desimone, the tan sisters from Jersey were about the most entertaining Hollywood-bound contestants we've seen so far. They seem sweet and considerate of each other, will be fun to watch.

5) Shelby Dressel, whose right side of her face is frozen, had a lot of courage and a pretty good voice. Her "Turn Me On" was good, like Simon I wasn't blown away by her voice so we'll see how far she can go.

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