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Ex-couple Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks broken up on "American Idol"

Sixty-seven "American Idol" contestants have already been kicked off. The last group is ex-couple Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks, along with Jacqueline Dunford.

They've been battling all sorts of things, he's been getting the brunt of it. "Forget You," with real swearing courtesy of Jacqueline.

Rob is horrible, and he forgets the words. He's making up lyrics about how he can't remember and is doing his best. At least the way they've edited it, his ex hasn't exactly been supportive or helpful. Maybe this'll be a wake-up call for him to move on.

She makes it, he doesn't. Man, I was looking forward to seeing more of him. He's so downcast. She gives him a big hug as he goes off alone into the night. 

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