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Exes Rob Bolin, Chelsee Oaks move on, Jacqueline Dunford and Nick Fink harshly split on 'American Idol'

Crazy "American Idol" had 160 contestants perform on day one of Hollywood week, and now another 163 are performing on day two. It's insane . . . all this talent, one seconds-long snippet and it's curtains for many.

Apparently there were a lot of not-great performances early on. But now, ex-couple Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks are up. I love this duo and their drama. He loves her still, but she's moved on.

He has an excellent, mature voice. He sings the blues and you really believe it, feels like he's lived a lot. "Wow," says Steven TylerChelsee is next. She can sing, too, very slow and country and heart-felt. They both move on. Yaaay.

Nick Fink and Jacqueline Dunford, who are roomies with the exes and are all lovey-dovey, are next. Mmmm, he's happy and energetic but just OK vocally. She's not bad, but a bit strained, and not really on key for me.

They're like less talented versions of their roomies. And he's out, she's in. He begs them afterward for another shot to be with his "baby," but it's a no go. He sings from the back of the auditorium as she keeps walking out. 

He's taking this really hard. It's no fun to watch . . .  a bit too raw.

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