Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Facebook: Doritos wins Super Bowl ad battle

The results are in and they do not surprise: Doritos, a longtime fan favorite, pulled off a big win last night, scoring the two top favorite ads in Facebook's Super Bowl “Admeter” context. 

This is the vox populi contest -- not some snooty critic's opinion (mine, for example). Just so happens, I did like these two Dorito's ads: Slingshot Baby and the cat murderin' Great Dane -- but liked even more the two that did not make air, known as “Double-D” (crass, but funny) and the “Rotweilers” (less crass, funnier.)

But “Slingshot Baby,“ the clear winner, had a lot going for it, most notably the fact that the baby was not bodily injured during the ad. 

Of greater interest: Facebook's fans -- who vote in the millions -- determined that those Bud Platinum ads were a total bust. I agree again! They were so cold and distant. Metallic was my tweeted word. 

So friends, let's go the winners! Here is the Big Do's “Slingshot Baby.“

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