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Good Morning

Fake Bush 'Desision Points' cover makes CBS's 'Sunday Morning'

Screen grab from CBS' website of the 'Sunday

Screen grab from CBS' website of the 'Sunday Morning' story on book covers, which included a fake cover of former president George Bush's 'Decision Points' book. Credit: CBS

How fast are you with your mouse clicker?

Really fast? Good.

Newsday editor and colleague, Alan Fallick was watching CBS' "Sunday Morning" this past Sunday, and watched Erin  Moriarty's excellent piece on book covers- how they're designed, how they make us buy said book, etc.

But as the books flashed by, one in particular caught his eye:

"Desision Points: How I Managed to Go Eight Years without Making One Good Decision."

It's a joke, presumably, or a mistake, and as best I can tell, the photoshopped cover of George W. Bush's memoir first appeared on the website "Drudge Retort" back in November.

The context was especially amusing: It pops up just as Erin says, "A good cover tells you what kind of book it is without giving too much away..."

 was this book covered  inserted intentionally? Pulled off the web by accident? Some sorta inside  joke?

  In fact, the answer - according to CBS News - is behind door number three.  The network says that in researching covers for the story, this particular cover was pulled down from the Web unintentionally and clipped into the story. No one caught it before it went to air.

  Per a spokesperson for "Sunday Morning,"  "Good catch: it’s a mistake no one could see because you’d have to freeze the frame to notice it.   Another cautionary tale about the risks of the internet age – clearly, we have to be more careful when downloading material." 

OK, hand on mouse... exactly 1:21 in.  [Nevermind....CBS has pulled the clip.]

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