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Fall: My must-see-these-returning-shows list


  Everyone wants to know which returning series I'm most looking forward to and why.

  Everyone doesn't? OK, let's pretend someone does. 

  So: What are these shows, and why, and what makes them so compelling, and will my life and happiness be demonstrably poorer if I miss them? (Not really - there's always Hulu.) 

 There's lots to see in the coming weeks, though the week of Sept. 19 is the crusher. 

  Let's get started. To the list, in no particular order!

 - "Parenthood," 9/13: Why: To see if Adam (Peter Krause) gets a job or loses his mind with the new baby, in no particular order. 

- "Survivor:" 9/14. Why: Coach is back and want to see if he is any less hateable.

 - "Vampire Diaries," 9/15: Why: David Gallagher stars as a werewolf; it's all starting to feel like last season's "True Blood." 

- "Archer:" 9/15. Why: Just because. (I already checked out the season premiere of "Always Sunny in Philly;" sorry fans - not impressed - and I am a longtime fan.):

- "HIMYM:" 9/19.Why: Lilly and Marshall finally get their baby; thank God that tsauris from last season is over.   

- "Two and a Half Men:" 9/19. Why: What!? A reason is somehow needed? kidding right? Hour premiere in which we learn how Charlie died and just how much Chuck Lorre really hated the guy. Plus, Ash.

 - "Hawaii Five-0:" Why: McGarrett gets out of jail and who does he meet? John Locke...that's right. Terry O'Quinn is in the house. 

- "Glee" 9/20: Why: Ry Murphy claims he's burned the soap box out back and from here on out, it's back to characters and storytelling and graduation.

- "NCSI" 9/20. Why: Topping my list! Jamie Lee Curtis is on-board, and we love JLC...

- "The Middle:" 9/21. Why: Ray Romano is here in a flashback episode. Let's see - Patty Heaton, Ray Romano, Neil Flynn all in one little show, together? Nothing could be more perfect. Except...

 - "Modern Family:" 9/21. Why: The family heads out to a dude ranch in Wyoming, and when the family heads anywhere (Hawaii, for example)  the place is never quite the same.

- "CSI:" 9/21: Why: Two. Words. Ted. Danson. 

- "Grey's Anatomy," 9/22. Why: Many words. Zola. That seperation. Wondering if Dere and Mere can become Deremere again. Figuring this is last season for Christina. Maybe for Mere. And quite possibly Dere. And if it's the last season for Mere, Dere, and Chris, then what have we got? "Someone Else's Anatomy."

 - "The Mentalist" 9/22. Why: Did Patrick really kill Red John? Or was that Bradly Whitford just pretending to be Red John - you know, just to fool with Pat.

 - "Community," 9/22. Why: Did you know John Goodman - Goodman!! - is joining up? You do now.

- "Parks and Rec," 9/22: Why: Just because of the gloriousness of it all.

- "The Office," 9/22: Why: Spader, baby, Spader. After the Kutch, this has to be the most exciting entrance of the fall season. And then we find out who the new boss is. Cups runneth over. 

- "Fringe," 9/23: Why: Because this is just such an awesome show, and we all have to find out how Peter's existential crisis - he doesn't exist, at all, in any universe - gets resolved.

- "The Simpsons." 9/25. Why:"Inception" gets incorporated into the open. 

- "Desperate Housewives," 9/25: Why: Last....sniffles...season.

- "The Good Wife," 9/25. Why: Because everyone keeps telling me just how great this show is and everyone can't be wrong (right?)

- "Family Guy," 9/25. Why: No reason necessary. Just because it's "Family Guy."

- "Dexter," 10/2. Why: Controversial season coming up. Imagine - controversy about serial killer who is now getting involved with Christianity.



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