Results for the fall TV race are in, and the bottom line: You're all watching a lot less TV, or at least new TV, this year than you were 12 months ago. Reasons why are diverse, from increased time-shifting to a natural disaster that left more than 8 million homes and businesses without power last week. But the pattern is unmistakable: It's never been harder to launch a new show than right now. Here's a look at the new season's winners and losers:


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Overall, a good season, thanks to "The Voice" and football, but take them away and .. But NBC leads where it counts most -- adults 18-49.

Winners: "Revolution" -- the lights go out and NBC has a minor hit. The country is apparently in the mood for the post-apocalypse now. "Go On," Matthew Perry's newcomer, has scored a full-season order, too, and so has "The New Normal."

Fence sitter: "Chicago Fire," the Dick Wolf drama, has a pulse.

Losers: "Animal Practice," a what-were-they-thinking bomb that's blessedly gone. Don't get too attached to "Guys With Kids," either.

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There's much heat on ABC to reverse a cold 2011, and so far not much forward movement. In fact, backward movement -- the network's in fourth place among young adults, although in total viewers, ABC remains in second.

Winners: None. ABC continues to rest on established pillars -- "Modern Family," "Dancing With the Stars," "Revenge" and, to a lesser extent, the cult fave "Happy Endings."

Fence sitter: "Nashville." Broadcast TV's most critically praised newcomer has struggled.

Losers: "666 Park Avenue" and "Last Resort." Sorry, but even good shows don't always win.

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Most-viewed CBS is above the fray, but even an established success, "The Good Wife," is having a tough fall.

Winner: "Elementary." It's on a particularly strong night -- Thursday -- which sure helps.

Fence sitter: "Vegas," which got a full-season order (as did "Elementary") in spite of so-so numbers.

Losers: "Partners." Almost certainly going, going ... "Made in Jersey" is already gone.


The big picture is crowded by "The X Factor's" erratic performance. The new judges have not made a big difference in terms of show popularity.

Winners: None

Fence sitters: "The Mindy Project" and -- just barely -- "Ben and Kate."

Loser: "The Mob Doctor"


A protracted carriage battle with Cablevision is over, but the impact has been felt.

Winner: "Arrow," which has a full-season order to prove it.

Fence sitter: "Beauty and the Beast." But probably a goner.

Loser: "Emily Owens, M.D."