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"Family Guy:" Another complaint!

Scene from

Scene from "Family Guy." Photo Credit: Handout



  Another complaint before the FCC about "Family Guy?"

 The Parent's Television Council filed one against this past Sunday's episode.

  And you know what that means?

  I'm just gonna have to go ahead and have to post the offending episode.

  The offending scene appears at about 3 minutes or so in - when you get to it, cover your eyes, or something. Whatever you do, when you get three minutes into this episode, do not look at the screen.

  It's the lap-dancing scene. Lois's dad has a heart attack, whilst in progress.

  I feel sorry for the PTC - they're well-meaning people out there, fighting the good fight against vulgarity, etc. on TV, but there are 1.6 million complaints before the FCC. In other words, this is complaint No. 1,600,001.

  The FCC takes - I imagine - about a week or so to get through each complaint.

   That means, the FCC will get to the lapdance episode 30,769 years from now.

   Who knows - by that time, there might even be a reality show for lap dances - "Dancing with the Lap Dancers," or something like that.I dunno. I'm spitballing here. But it is a long lead time. 

   The last time PTC went after "FG" was in March.

  Here's how PTC described that offending episode...

 "...a sexually explicit Family Guy episode aired on Sunday, March 8 at 9:00 pm
Eastern/Pacific and 8:00 pm in the Central and Mountain Time zones.  The animated program which airs on Fox included bestiality, orgies and babies eating sperm."

  Oh, good heavens....



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