Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Family Ties,' 'Naked City' and more new TV on DVD

Alex moves out of the house, finally, for

Alex moves out of the house, finally, for that glorious career on Wall Street (where he will no doubt fund GOP candidates for years to come.) It's tough for mom and dad, because with Alex (Michael J. Fox) gone, the family ties are broken. The "Family Ties" two-parter, "Alex Doesn't Live Here Anymore" was seen by just over 36 million. Credit: NBC


Series All seven seasons of Michael J. Fox's star-making '80s sitcom look swell in a cloth-covered turquoise "photo album." Cast snapshots fill colorful hardboard pages, with discs tucked inside and episode info printed between.

Extras Bonus disc has new-to-DVD "Today" cast reunion, plus vintage set visit, showbiz-TV coverage, more.

List price $290 for 29 discs, out Tuesday from CBS.

More new complete-series sets:

NAKED CITY Finally! The entire gritty city drama arrives, not just three seasons of classic hour episodes (some already released piecemeal), but also season 1's half-hours, in separate season sets within outer slipcase. Cool time capsule, too: Circa-'60s New York City locations (Idlewild) add texture to cop tales with Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Rod Steiger, Walter Matthau, Peter Falk, George C. Scott and dozens more names; plus vintage commercials (many cigarette ads); $180 for 29 discs, Image/RLJ.

COMBAT Lower-priced rerelease of Vic Morrow's '60s World War II saga retains all extras from 2005's box, including commentary from directors Robert Altman and Richard Donner, with season sets inside slipcase; $230 for 40 discs, Image/RLJ.

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY David Cassidy and Shirley Jones lead the family band in four seasons of the '70s pop sitcom; $46 for 12 stacked discs, Sony.

SEINFELD New lower-priced blue box succeeds 2007's black box, retaining its entire bounty of extras -- documentaries, commentaries, bloopers, background notes, even "roundtable" bonus disc; $150 for 33 discs, Sony.

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