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Favorite Jacee Badeaux gets ditched then finds redemption on 'American Idol'

Zany Ashley Sullivan quits her group on "American Idol" and then is counseled by one of the producers to just take a break as the rest of the contestants hang out. 

Insanely, Jacee Badeaux gets kicked out of his group! Oh my God, he's great! He's emotional. His parents tell him to hang in there. He's going group-to-group to find a new home. He's such a good kid. This is great TV watching him.

Long Islander Robbie Rosen's group gets a last-minute add in when Jordan comes on board; Ashley rejoins her group.

Brett Loewenstern's group is still lacking its day two person, they still rehearse -- and, of course, they run into Jacee! Yes!

He doesn't know "Mercy." They tell him you can learn and thank him for joining. He says, "I'm glad I found a group." Everyone has a great attitude and is polite. It's officially my favorite group.



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