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Favorites Julie Zorrilla and Chris Medina dodge elimination on 'American Idol'

Two groups are going a cappella with "Get Ready" on "American Idol."

"Night Owls" up first. Dan Noguchi, Lara Johnston, Julie Zorrilla (in a silver outfit that Jennifer Lopez called a "good stage dress"), Melissa Lucas and Casey Abrams are all not bad, but only Julie and Casey move on.

Second group is a lot better, more soul, not as karaoke. Wow, I miss Simon saying that... "Style, creativity, choreography, every little bit was beautiful, you are all going through" says Steven Tyler.

The group that sang in the bathroom is up next, featuring Chris Medina, singing "Forget You." They're all over the place, and Chris goes through along with all but one member, Devyn Rush. The singing waitress is shocked and adamant that she didn't deserve to be cut.

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