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The Conehead’s home of Remulak, more fictitious TV planets

The Conehead family -- Jane Curtin, left, Dan

The Conehead family -- Jane Curtin, left, Dan Aykroyd and Laraine Newman -- hid their roots on Remulak in a series of "Saturday Night Live" sketches and a feature movie. Credit: NBC via Getty Images

Syfy’s “Krypton” (premiering Wednesday, March 21) takes place on the titular planet, many years before the birth of Kal-El (aka Superman). Here are five other fictitious planets that have been featured on TV over the years.

MELMAC (“ALF”) The original home of the furry, wisecracking Alien Life Form had two moons; its national pastime was mining for yogurt.

ORK (“Mork & Mindy”) One reason Mork (Robin Williams) made his way from his home planet to Boulder, Colorado, was because humor was not permitted there.

REMULAK (“Saturday Night Live”) The Conehead family (Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin) told everyone they were from France, but in reality they hailed from this volcanic planet that had three moons.

RIGEL VII (“The Simpsons”) Inspired by a similarly named planet on “Star Trek,” it is home to Kang (voiced by Harry Shearer) and Kodos (voiced by Dan Castellaneta), who appear almost exclusively in the special “Treehouse of Horror” episodes. Residents speak Rigellian, which is identical to English.

ZETOX (“The Flintstones”) Home of the Great Gazoo (voiced by Harvey Korman), who was exiled to Earth as punishment for inventing a doomsday machine,

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