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Fierce Didi Benami eerie-good on 'American Idol'

Didi Benami's mom is out here with her for "American Idol's" finals. Didi is singing "Playing With Fire." Wow, a great pick from the get-go, slow and sultry and powerful. Intense eyes looking straight into the camera, tight black top and jeans.

Where'd this Didi come from?! Passionate, owns the audience. Maybe a bit off-key at times, but man, this is totally memorable and fierce, to use a word usually associated with Adam Lambert.

Randy says for the first time in weeks you're on fire, one of your best performances. Ellen says you're back in it, sounded great. Kara liked the intensity, how she attacked, got dark, eerie. Simon says cool choice of song, a bit nervous, but I'm a fan of yours and liked it. Then says "You can still do better."

She tells Ryan she's been in L.A. for a long time, wouldn't have survived if she didn't have this side to her.

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