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Final thoughts on the 'Entourage' finale

The cast of

The cast of "Entourage" on the set of the final scene in the show's eight-season run. Photo Credit: HBO

Wrapping up a series after eight seasons can't be easy for the writers, producers and directors. There's a sense of bringing things to end in a proper way without being too ridiculous or pulling a "Seinfeld" and going off the wall in a finale.

I thought Doug Ellin, Rob Weiss, Ally Musika and the rest of the crew at "Entourage" did a fine job in closing up Episode 96 of a show that quickly found its way into the pop culture mainstream from its inception to its close. 

More thoughts:

- The use of "Pizza Boy" and "You wanna hug it out" between Ari Gold and Eric Murphy in the final scenes were a good touch. Not too over the top and true to the nature of the show and the characters.

- Ari's emotional rollercoaster this season was fantastically written and well-executed by actor Jeremy Piven. It sets the stage for a good arc in the upcoming "Entourage" movie, whenever that comes to fruition.

- Ari being tracked down in Italy with a job offer to in effect run Hollywood was the perfect touch.

- Wish the therapy session was more explosive, but given the overall story arc of the episode, it wouldn't have made sense.

- Turtle, Drama and Vince fighting for E to Sloan felt like a little much, but seeing how we've all been in such a situation, it's hard to needle at that one.

- Vince getting married to Sophia Lear, the journalist, was far-fetched. Of course, we never saw it happen so who knows what will develop in the future with a movie script.

- Did we mention the Mrs. Ari swimsuit situation?

- Hey, we just mentioned the Mrs. Ari swimsuit situation.

- She'll always be Mrs. Ari, not Melissa Gold.

- We're going to miss Scott Lavin (Scott Caan). Not sure "Hawaii Five-0" will be enough to make up for the loss.

- Drama's last-ever line on "Entourage," which is clearly unprintable here, was pure Drama.



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