We've got a bunch of major closers on the immediate horizon, and for your guidance, here they are... 

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 "Vampire Diaries" (WPIX/11, Thursday 8); "Supernatural" (Ch. 11, Thursday, 9); "Smallville" (Ch.11, Friday 9).
A trio of CW season finales are at hand, and these burning questions will maybe get answered: Will Mystic Falls' Founder's Day celebration be pulled off without TOO many people dying? Will Lucifer beat Michael (or vice-versa, and by "beat" I mean vanquish one or the other to the darkest depths of Hades)?  Are four cliffhangers, too much of a good thing? (And yes, four are in the works for "Smallville.")

 "Desperate Housewives," WABC/7, Sunday, 9. The finale is upon us and the good beleaguered ladies of Wisteria Lane who have spent the season dodging planes and local stranglers - Eddie, the last one you'd expect - are about to get more fun surprises.  Actually, one of our couples is simply fed up with all these fun surprises, and moves on. Who will he/she be? And who is the mysterious prodigal Wisterian from an earlier season who suddenly turns up offering to rent his/her house? There's much much more (and always is...)

 "Private Practice," Thursday, WABC/9.
A Major Death has been teased for weeks, and Major Deaths (That Have Been Teased for the Purposes of Finales) usually mean a
less-than-central-character; sorry, but that's showbiz. Fans seem convinced that Dr. Naomi Bennett is a goner, and if true, Audra McDonald has nothing to worry about - there's always Broadway, where she really belongs.