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Finally, Couric out at 'Evening News'

Katie Couric, CBS Evening News anchor and managing

Katie Couric, CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor attends the "Make That Call" For Colon Cancer Screening campaign launch at the Monahan GI Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell in New York City. (March 1, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

It's all over -- really, it is: Katie Couric has finally announced that she will leave the anchor chair of "Evening News" after five years. The announcement arrives via People magazine.

People magazine?! 

Well, why not! Her next move is a syndication show and I suppose her PR reps have told her future viewers of said show read People magazine. 

In fact, jump to the bottom of this post for a clip of her appearance on Tavis Smiley a little later. She goes into more detail about happened and why, etc. 

 [Meanwhile, don't be too surprised when you hear the news about her successor at "Today:" Meredith Vieira will leave "Today" in early June/late May too.]  

My assessment? It wasn't nearly as bad a run as some seemed to believe. Honestly, if numbers were any better, people would say it was a great success and that Katie was the anchor of the future, etc. and so forth. But that's the way it is (as Walter might say): If the numbers ain't there, then you're a failure. She was  a good anchor -- not a great one -- who nonetheless could not convince enough people that she could make the transition from happy-talk-"Today" to serious-talk "Evening News."  Diane Sawyer has managed the feat, however, and it will be up to chin-strokers like me to figure out exactly why.

But there is, in fact, one obvious point to be made: Many viewers had simply made up their minds about Katie, and they did not like or trust her. Simple as that. Why didn't they like or trust her? That's for them to say, but she was clearly never a dispassionate observer at "Today." That was part of her shtick.

Plus, she often revealed -- or detractors insisted she revealed -- a left-of-center political stance.  You never hear that about Brian Williams or Diane, and that's also just the way it is.

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