In Showtime’s new sitcom, “Dice” (premiering Sunday night at 9:30), Andrew Dice Clay will play a fictionalized version of himself (a comedian who moves his family to Las Vegas in hopes of making a comeback). Here are five other shows on which The Diceman has made his presence known:

CRIME STORY (NBC, 1986-88) In this well-regarded, ’60-set drama, Clay played small-time hood Max Goldman.

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BLESS THIS HOUSE (CBS, 1995-96) Clay played a blustery postal worker in this short-lived sitcom, a kind of latter-day “Honeymooners.”

HITZ (UPN, 1997) In this forgotten sitcom about the music biz, Clay was the mean-spirited owner of a Los Angeles record company.

ENTOURAGE (HBO, 2011) In the show’s final season, Clay played himself, the co-star with Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) on the fictional program “Johnny’s Bananas.”

VINYL (HBO, 2016) In this current series about the music biz in 1973, a heavily muttonchopped Clay was sleazy radio-station executive Frank “Buck” Rogers. He was murdered in the first episode.