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Flouncy Julie Zorrilla, crying TaTynisa Wilson, uneven Tim Halperin in 'American Idol' top 24

TaTynisa Wilson is up next on "American Idol." I predict she gets cut. She has had a lot of ups and downs and nothing separates her.

She talks about how much she needs the high of being on stage. Randy Jackson tells her she kind of "took a nosedive" during Hollywood week. Oh, but they love her passion -- so she gets in!

Wow! It's the first real surprise of this round, but seems like a real pro as she walks out crying.

They cut a couple people in a row quickly; Brittany Mazur, Jimmie Allen

Possibly arrogant Tim Halperin next, the one who asked Jennifer Lopez "how old are you?" when she asked him his age during the auditions. He has a good voice, though. He will move on, based on the way they're engaging him. And he's indeed in.

Julie Zorrilla, whose parents came from Colombia and who I've always liked, is up next. She's the one J.Lo said could be the winner -- definitely has the look (she has on another flouncy dress), the passion, the expressive voice.

Lopez tells her she wants more of a connection, and she's in. Tells Lopez, "you're so beautiful, every time I see you it's blinding."

She dances her way out . . . definitely high energy.

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