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FNC's Chris Wallace: Obama "Serene"

Just got off the horn with Chris Wallace - a good guy who does a fine job with Fox's Sunday morning show, "Fox News Sunday" - and he was just out of an interview with POTUS. This is, or is among, the first of many major network interviews the prez is doing to sell his economic stimulus package over the next couple hours. "I would say in his overall demeanor he seemed utterly comfortable in his job and in the Oval Office. There was a serenity about him. He did say 'we screwed up on Daschle' appointment [the wouldbe secretary of health and human services, who screwed up on his taxes and just dropped out] and seemed disappointed this had happened..."

And why all these interviews that are about to explode all over your TV screen, no matter where you turn? (CNN...CBS...ABC...NBC...and so on) Katie Couric's is on tonight, too.

"He's got a problem with the economic package and the polls indicate the public is turning against it. He's going to the bully pulpit to make the case." Any news? "That he's considering tax credits for people who buy homes and cars..."

The interview will be on FNC's air - "Special Report" - in 30 minutes... As you may recall, Wallace couldn't get Obama, the candidate, on his show for months, and ran a "countdown clock" - as, I suppose, a form of subtle persuasion.

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