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For the record...TLC has Palin's new show


  Just an official word here - that Mark Burnett-produced show starring one Sarah Palin and about her great state of Alaska has a home: TLC.

  This is her second overall network deal - the other of course with Fox News.

  Here's AP:

The series tells stories of some of Alaska's unique features as seen
through the eyes of its former governor.

Burnett and Palin had been pitching the series to various networks in
recent weeks and had been asking for $1.2 million an episode, considered
expensive in the world of nonfiction television. Discovery got the series
for about $1 million an episode, according to two television executives
familiar with the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity because their
networks don't discuss such details publicly.
No air date has been set for the series.

   What will this be about - really be about? Mark Burnett doesn't do travelogues, and nature docs are not his bag. So what could it possibly be about? 


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