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Former "Bachelorette" to...AP (!?)

Jesse is the amazing magical mystery coat

Jesse is the amazing magical mystery coat Photo Credit: ap



  The "AP" is the Associated Press and the former Bachelorette is ...Jesse Csincsak.

  We all remember Jess (don't we?) The snow-boarding dude from a couple seasons ago.

  He was famously picked by DeAnna Pappas who famously passed over Jason Mesnick who infamously passed over Melissa Rycroft.

  Oh, happy  happy memories.

 Jesse and DeAnna then busted up.

  This is more history than you want.

  In any event, Jesse has temporarily joined the Associated Press. (He's already on MTV's "Made.")

  He's anchoring this very interesting webcast for the AP from Vancouver for the Winter Games called "Beyond the Medal."  AP will update this webcast two or three times per day, and will be co-anchored by AP journalist Lila Ibrahim.

 Here's the URL:

  And here's a clip.


And here's a look at the former lovebirds themselves...


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