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Former 'Daily Show' head writer, David Javerbaum, lands at Fusion

David Javerbaum, author and former executive producer and

David Javerbaum, author and former executive producer and head writer for "The Daily Show," visits Nassau Community College. (March 14, 2012) Credit: Handout

David Javerbaum, DJ, who helped turn "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" into Comedy Central's brightest, shiniest success story -- has finally landed: He will join Fusion, and from the news release, it sounds as though he'll develop prime-time programming for the ABC-backed network for Latinos. (Does Javerbaum speak Spanish? Who knew! In fact, Fusion will be in English.)

Javerbaum left "The Daily Show" about three years ago (July 2010) under circumstances that were never exactly made clear. The departure was not accompanied by any whiff of backstage acrimony, or disputes with The Star -- the usual sort of stuff -- although the absence of a whiff doesn't mean that it wasn't there. (I am, by the way, told that it was "amicable.")  Javerbaum was tightly bound to Stewart over the series' run, their sensibilities believed to be mirror versions of each other. They even co-wrote some of those big bestsellers.  But people do move on, and Javerbaum did seem to have located, or gravitated, to the West Coast, where he wrote for the Emmys (musical stuff -- all well-regarded, and, umm, Emmy-winning).

Needless to say, this appears to be a very nice attention-getting win for Fusion, which is expected to launch later this summer. 

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