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Founding Father John Adams and the actors who have played him

As we celebrate our country's 239th birthday on Saturday, let's also celebrate Mr. John Adams, one of the more notable of the Founding Fathers -- and five guys who have played him on TV.

BILLY CRYSTAL Long Beach's own provided the voice of Adams in the 2002-03 PBS animated series "Liberty's Kids."

CHRIS ELLIOTT For some reason, David Letterman found HBO's "John Adams" to be highly amusing, so he brought back "The Panicky Guy" from his "Late Night" days to play Adams in a recurring "Late Show" sketch.

PAUL GIAMATTI The "Sideways" star won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a miniseries or a movie for his title role in the 2008 HBO miniseries based on the biography by David McCullough.

DAVID MCCALLUM The heartthrob who starred as Illya Kuryakin on "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." (and now stars as Ducky on "NCIS") played Adams on an episode of "Profiles in Courage," a 1964-65 series based on the book by John F. Kennedy.

WILLIAM SHATNER Capt. Kirk time-traveled to the 18th century to play Adams in a skit on the NBC special "Swing Out, Sweet Land," a 1970 star-studded tribute to America hosted by John Wayne.

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