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Fox builds next season's schedule around 'Idol'

When you're a network that divides an entire broadcast year strictly along the lines of when "American Idol" is on and when "American Idol" is not on, it's only logical that the biggest piece of news about a 2010-11 schedule has to do with ... guesses anyone? ... "Idol."

Fox executives Monday said "Idol" performance shows next season will be expanded to 90 minutes, while results shows will shrink to 30 minutes. But the adjustment has less to do with "Idol" and far more to do with the network's most urgent need: Get a live-action sitcom into the lineup.

How urgent? Fox hasn't had a successful sitcom in years (and "'Til Death" certainly doesn't count), or since "That '70s Show" ended in 2006

To that end, Fox will launch two new ones after "Glee" in the fall, then link them tightly to "Idol" in the winter and spring.

Those shows are "Running Wilde," starring Will Arnett as a pampered rich kid and Keri Russell as the girlfriend who got away. The other is "Raising Hope," about a guy who raises the baby of his felon ex.

Meanwhile, "Glee" will air on Tuesdays this fall and move to Wednesdays when "Idol" returns. Let's go to the lineup.






Monday "House" (8p.m.); "Lonestar," a soap set in the oil patch, with Jon Voight (9).

Tuesday "Glee" (8); "Raising Hope" (9); "Running Wilde" (9:30)

Wednesday "Lie to Me" (8); "Hell's Kitchen" (9)

Thursday "Bones" (8); "Fringe" (9)

Friday "Human Target" (8); "The Good Guys," with Bradley Whitford, as a dissolute cop (9)

Saturday and Sunday No changes






Monday "House" (8); "Lonestar,"to be replaced by "Ride-along," with Jennifer Beals, in a Chicago cop show from "The Shield's" Shawn Ryan

Tuesday "American Idol" (8); "Running Wilde," to be replaced by "Mixed Signals," about three guys and their desire for freedom and relationships (9:30)

Wednesday "Raising Hope" (8); "Idol" results (8:30); "Glee" (9)

Thursday "Bones" (8); "Fringe" (9)

Friday "Human Target" (8); "Kitchen Nightmares" (9)

Saturday No changes

Sunday "Simpsons" repeats (7); "American Dad" (7:30); "Simpsons" (8); "Bob's Burgers," animated show about a guy, who runs a burger joint with his family (8:30); "Family Guy" (9); "The Cleveland Show" (9:30)

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