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Fox News wins the week


fnc Photo Credit: fnc



  This is not dog-bites-man - it's significant. Fox News beat out all cable networks in prime last week, including perennial powerhouse, USA. Reason? Heavy news week, including (of course) Haiti and election of Scott Brown. A rarity for FNC; a rarity for anyone to edge out USA.

  Average primetime number was 3.213 million, to USA's 3.194 million. CNN was in 22nd place, with 980,000 viewers.   MSNBC, in 25th place, with 761,000. This has been a heck of a year for FNC, which continues to build, and a perplexing one for CNN, which does not.  

 And lotsa viewers for the nightly news shows too...this line from NBC:  ""Nightly" saw 10.282 million total viewers, +1.775 million more than ABC "World News,’" 8.507 million
and +3.741 million more than CBS "Evening News’” 6.541 million. "




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