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Charrrge! Fox takes on 'SNL' again

Fox's late night ambitions are old and deep and no reason to go into the history again (sigh) but at the TV Critic's Tour in Pasadena, the network announced yet another attempt -- this one unlike the others and cloaked under the fancy verbiage of being a "digital network."

But in 2013, the battle is on again -- Fox is taking on "Saturday Night Live." 

It sounds like a pretty interesting effort, clearly geared to young and inebriated men, who -- heaven knows -- like their late night TV. Fox has enlisted two interesting guys to get this thing in gear: 

Nick Weidenfeld, former programming boss for Adult Swim ("The Boondocks," "Childrens Hospital") and Hend Baghdady -- which I am certain is his birth name, but don't hold me to it -- who put together extremely memorable series like “The Andy Milonakis Show” and "Warren the Ape;" a clip below, and I do hope they don't offend sensibilities. The new late night Saturday block begins exactly a year from now. It will be all animated. "Warren," by the way, was spun off from "Greg the Bunny." By the way, Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel produced "Milonakis."

Milonakis -- and I do wonder what's happened to him -- was quite the sensation on MTV.  Just to give you the briefest sense of what this humor is like, here's a clip,  and while it is not representative of what Weidenfeld and Baghdady intend to do . . . it may well be representative, for all I know. But the block will be animated.

 And did I mention this doesn't begin until next January?  

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