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Fred Armisen joins Seth Meyers' 'Late Night'

Seth Meyers and the 8G band, led by

Seth Meyers and the 8G band, led by Fred Armisen, second from right. Credit: Twitter/@sethmeyers

Fred Armisen is joining "Late Night with Seth Meyers." He is joining to play music. He is joining to be the leader of a band. He is going to sing and play instruments. Seriously: We know this to be a fact because it was even reported Monday night on "Nightly News with Brian Williams." 

Strange? Odd? Weird, even? No, actually. Quite good, although Meyers had said earlier he was not going to have a house band. Armisen's to be titled "8G," after the studio. Armisen's entrance is part of the "Late Night" template - at least the one shrewdly established by Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night," which built a fan base on the idea that a host who knows his rock (and every other form of popular music) is a host worth spending time with. Moreover, the addition of Armisen adds a brand new element to Meyers' show, arriving Feb. 24: A rich comedic. "Portlandia" - also produced by Lorne Michaels who seems to be producing everything that airs on NBC after 11:30 - is one of TV's funniest shows, maybe the funniest; the fourth season arrives Feb. 27. This is called synergy. 

Fans know that Armisen is a very talented musician; his sidewoman on "Portlandia," after all is legendary west coast rocker, Carrie Brownstein. (His alter ego, Ian Rubbish, ended Armisen's "SNL" run with her, and some other pals...) He plays many instruments, or at least two anyway - guitar, drums.

Per Rolling Stone, his band will comprise "guitarist Seth Jabour (Les Savy Fav), bassist Syd Butler (Les Savy Fav), keyboardist Eli Janney (Girls Against Boys) and drummer Kim Thompson (Beyoncé's touring band)."

Some clips, and why this bodes wells for "Late  Night with Seth Meyers"...(The first one's not technically musical, but kudos to Armisen for drawing out a sense of humor in the Followil brothers, and cousin: 


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