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'Fringe' aims for 'bittersweet' closure

"Fringe” is one of Fox's provocative sci-fi series.

"Fringe” is one of Fox's provocative sci-fi series. Credit: Fox

BEVERLY HILLS — As fans of "Fringe" are probably the first to admit, this is one of the best series on television that no one has ever seen. No one, naturally, except for them — a doughty faithful bunch who have loved "Fringe" passionately over four seasons of mind-bending, time-travelling, universe-hopping  twists and turns. But it all ends next season (a shortened season in fact) and if you think "Lost"  had a lot of threads to tie, "Fringe" must aim for a sort of satisfying commercial TV resolution to something that's partly based on quantum dynamics, quantum time travel and multiple universes theory. (Yes, there is a reason "Fringe" never captured a vast audience.)

Will "Fringe" solve the mysteries of the universe? Almost certainly not — fans will forgive it — but great shows need closure, and J.H. Wyman, one of the show's longtime exec producers, addressed that subject here yesterday:

For "every single person" who has invested four years in the show, he said, "I want to see them get what they deserve to get. Some things may be unexpected. Some things may be expected, but I want them to sort of I want to feel like what they’ve got has been earned, and I don’t want unanswered questions that make me confused. I want to be able to feel like there’s a sense of closure. But at the same time, what I’m really after is to make sure that there is a feeling of hope from this, that at the end, when you’re finished watching it, you can say, “Wow, that was very moving, and I feel really good, and I feel emotional,” but the next day driving to work, you can actually say, “I think I can imagine where they’re going to be in their lives and how it would go on and that the people I fell in love with for four years, they’re going to be OK, that I can imagine, you know, and feel all right and let FRINGE sort of, you know, go off into the ether in a way that is satisfying and bittersweet.”

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