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Frontrunner Jessica Sanchez, creative Phillip Phillips and powerhouse Hollie Cavanagh in 'American Idol' finals

Phillip Phillips, Jeremy Rosado and Chase Likens are up first on "American Idol" to see if fans voted them into the final 13, or if they'll have to wait for a wild card spot.

I think the charismatic and creative Phillips will be in, mediocore country guy Likens is going home and sweet-voiced Rosado will be in too, either via the fan vote or judges' wild card.

Results are revealed; and Rosado wasn't voted in. Phillips is in and Likens is not.

Next up is a powerhouse group made up of Jessica Sanchez, Brielle von Hugel, Hollie Cavanagh and Hallie Day.

I think Sanchez, who's emerged as an early favorite, will easily move to the next stage, with one of the others voted in too -- really, it could be any of the three, they were all good. I'm going with Day, with the other two deserving of the judges' wild cards.

von Hugel wasn't voted in by the fans, nor was Day. So Sanchez and her fellow big-voiced contestant Cavanagh are in!

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