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'Game of Thrones': Best supernatural moments and creatures

Dragons (

Dragons ("Walk of Punishment," season 3): The great and enduring symbol of all that is otherworldly and magical in "A Song of Ice and Fire," and of course "Game of Thrones." A memorable appearance is in the beginning of season 3, when Daenerys arrives with her restless brood at Slaver's Bay.


Wights ("Winter is Coming," season 1): Wights are the zombies of "Thrones." One was spotted just minutes into the first episode of the first season. Ominous and scary ... also fatal for the witness.

Credit: HBO

"Game of Thrones" is anything but a magical mystery tour, but when magic does arrive -- as it must -- then it is memorable indeed.

The world of "Thrones" is a real one until the other world of wargs, "greensight" and whatever it is that Melisandre does intrudes. There have been many instances over the first four seasons.

As we gear up for the fith season, a look back at some of the coolest supernatural creatures and moments on the popular HBO series.

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