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'Game of Thrones': It's good

Wisely or not, we at TVZone had stayed away from "Game of Thrones" the last few months because there is just so much out there -- fan appraisals, leaks, teases and clips.

But now is the time to spread the word. It's almost here -- Sunday -- and I'm a believer, or as much a believer as someone could be who hasn't read the 853-page book upon which this is based, nor any of the other several thousand pages comprising George R.R. Martin's opus, "A Song of Fire and Ice." 

HBO spent about $50 million on this -- small potatoes by movie standards, but generous by TV ones ($5 million per ep). The money is indeed on the screen: this is a beautifully executed series, and excellent on a number of levels. Here's the Newsday review that runs tomorrow, and below is the most recent promotion that HBO has put out. Best not to ask what all these scenes mean. That will come into focus as you watch Sunday and beyond.



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