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George Lopez mocks 'American Idol' judges to their faces

George Lopez shows up and Ryan's pretending he bid the highest for charity to host this segment. He's pretty funny, actually. He just mocks Ryan.

Then, he says he's going to "judge the judges for a change." Tells Randy he says 'pitchy' too much, tells him to stop asking Kara what she thinks, then concludes, "but you're the only brother on the show, so Randy Jackson, you are safe." Ha!

Then Kara. Says she always says she wrote every song, makes fun of her nude photos, says she's safe, too, "although no cute boy on the show is," as they cut to Casey James -- not smiling! Ouch!

Ellen, he mocks her for being too nice and wanting to dance, says she's safe. Boring.

Now, Simon. George says too much 'rubbish,'"wear a large T-shirt every now and then. "America has voted . . . and you have to go back to England. But since there's a big cloud of volcanic ash, you're safe, too."

Ha! George was a bit rough in his delivery, but pretty funny. Ryan says, "Eric Estrada, everybody!"


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