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George W. Bush on 'Tonight'

  Here's George W. Bush's appearance on "Tonight" last night...Guess a reasonable way to describe this is "warm."  He gets an exceedingly cordial welcome from Jay, which is why he will never go on Dave. Leno "thanks" him for all the material over the years. Bush says he never noticed - "I was asleep."  (You can reasonably guess that joke was handed to him by the show's writing staff.) 

  But Bush seems happy to be here and Jay is cleary happy to have him. He even applauds when Bush makes a couple of points - I wouldn't necessarily read anything into that because hosts, even Letterman, customarily applaud guests over all sorts of things. 

  But there's no question Leno's an incredibly sympathetic to the point of sycophantic presence (even the word "interviewer" seems too much of a stretch here, so "presence" will have to do.) That's too bad because even a slightly harder edge would have been appropriate and interesting -   maybe even informative. Jay can be a competent interviewer when he has a mind to be competent, but interviewing has never been a Leno strong suit, or even something that interests him very much. 

  You be the judge - Bush is relaxed, tells a good joke right before the close, and probably wouldn't have told Leno anything radically different from the Lauer interview. 

  Still, Jay was awfully easy... 



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