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'Ghost Shark,' SyFy's next disaster

A Great white shark breaching out of the

A Great white shark breaching out of the water in False Bay, South Africa. Credit: Discovery Channel

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water — please supply your own punchline [here] to this extremely old and hackneyed phrase relating to sharks and old Steven Spielberg franchises — along comes "Ghost Shark," which airs on SyFy Aug. 22.

Let me put it this way: A couple of weeks ago, "Ghost Shark" was seen as just another in the long line of SyFy CGI sharksploitation flicks, but in the wake of last week's social media sensation, "Sharknado," it's become the most important movie launch of the summer. On TV. Or at least on the night on Aug. 22.

Ghosts? Sharks? Who woulda thought sharks could come back as ghosts to haunt people and of course eat them? If this works — and judging from the trailer, let's tag a "who knows" to this post — then SyFy could combine a future sequel to "Sharknado" to create "Ghostsharknado."  

Here's the trailer, and if for some reason you miss this Thursday's reprisal of the most excellent "Sharknado," here is also a good four minute clip that summarizes the entire movie .?.?. Once again, you're welcome:

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