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'Girls' character Charlie, Christopher Abbott, leaves show

Allison Williams and Chris Abbott in HBO's

Allison Williams and Chris Abbott in HBO's "Girls." Credit: HBO

Christopher Abbott has checked out of "Girls" -- this time for good. "Page Six" reports he had "clashed" with star and creator, Lena Dunham, and HBO has subsequently confirmed the report.

Now, there's all kinds of crazy to this story, foremost, who clashes with Lena Dunham .?.?. Like her show or not, she's got a rep for being very nice — not at all, for example, like Justin Bieber. The Post indicated Abbott didn't like "the direction" has character Charlie was going.

Hello! This is the biggest crazy of them all. No male character on "Girls" ever goes in "a good direction." Haven't you been watching your own show, Chris? (Perhaps his fear is that Lena was going to make him to do what Adam Driver did in the next-to-last episode, and the less said about that the better.)

Charlie Dattolo was never even remotely likable anyway — a spoiled brat in capri jeans who treated Marnie (Allison Williams) like the proverbial doormat, and who had come into a dot-com fortune and acted like someone who had come into a dot-com fortune. He and Marnie had reconciled in the second season finale, but this reconciliation appeared doomed anyway — particularly after she was the one to profess her love, and he pathetically mumbled something about "waiting to hear you say that .?.?."


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