WHEN | WHERE Sunday night at 10 on HBO

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Time for that beach-house weekend, as hapless Hannah (series creator Lena Dunham) and her three "disconnected" city buds bus it to Long Island's North Fork for some fun. And some "healing."

Hmm. Doesn't seem their bond will build as the girls shiver on a rocky sliver of sand and waves deemed by Hannah a "horrifying wind tunnel." Chances also pale at the house after Hannah stumbles into old gay boyfriend Elijah (Andrew Rannells), pulling his guy foursome into the mix.

Yet somehow, between North Fork Fizz chugs and Broadway dance lessons, we get rude laughs, withering insults, and "untabling our issues" in myriad ways.

MY SAY "Girls" accomplishes in 28 tight minutes what other shows don't in weeks of emoting. Throwaway chat resonates aching, funny and telling (Allison Williams' Marnie hopes to write down wishes to throw into a bonfire; Hannah hurls, "People have been calling me a narcissist since I was 3, so it doesn't really upset me"). Moments turn on a dime from lazy to livid, from charged to casual. Just going about the day unleashes both pent-up resentment and soul-deep connection.

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BOTTOM LINE And then there's Dunham in Hannah's green string bikini.