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'Girls' gets a third season

Lena Dunham stars as Hannah in the HBO

Lena Dunham stars as Hannah in the HBO series “Girls,” currently in its second season. Credit: HBO

Well, I should have posted this on Monday, but better late than never: HBO's Golden Globe winner “Girls” has a third season, and production starts in March. Story is starting to get some pickup — Variety, for example, noted this morning that HBO has yet to confirm — but the simple fact is that star Lena Dunham already has!

During that fascinating podcast with Alec Baldwin on Monday, she said production begins early next month (at I think the Silver Cup studios — they were at Steiner, but don't hold me to that), and as a special bonus, the show will get an extra episode — for an order of 11.

By the way, there never was any doubt — even if Sunday “live” ratings are modest; the show has become a cultural phenom, or more specifically a New York phenom. Plus, there was that huge GG win.

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