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'Glee' cast departures? Nevermind...

The cast FOX television comedy GLEE.

The cast FOX television comedy GLEE. Credit: Fox

What is going on with "Glee?" One day, Ryan Murphy says in a very public show biz forum (a couple of them, actually) that key cast members would be leaving by the end of next season to conform with the more realistic expectations of what happens to high school student when they graduate. (Imagine! "Glee's" one deferral to realism!)

And then this: They are not going. Brad Falchuk -- the co-exec producer -- told a very packed panel at Comic-Con yesterday, "It was never our plan to let them go. They're not done with the show this season."

Cory Monteith, Lea Michele, and Chris Colfer are staying.

Until next week, when Ian Brennan (the other exec producer and co-creator) says otherwise...

What's so bizarre about this is that it seems to indicate some sort of creative -- ummmm -- dissonance at the show, with Murphy indicating it was time, and Falchuk insisting it was never the time; even Colfer -- arguably the most high profile member of the ensemble and a solid candidate to win best supporting actor/comedy in that ridiculously competitive category -- was shocked last week to learn he was about to be dropped.

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